case study: coupon cents - logo, illustration, brand identity

coupon cents


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challenge: be professional, but convey personality

Coupon Cents is owned by a stay-at-home mom who teaches groups how to use coupons to save substantial amounts of money on groceries. Her initial clients were stay-at-home moms, but as her reputation spread, she received calls from professional men, women and organizations. To appear credible to her new audience, she needed a professional image—but didn’t want to sacrifice Coupon Cents’ existing personality: fun, upbeat, and chic, all of which counteract the conventional wisdom that big-time couponing is drudgery.

solution: establish and apply brand identity

First, CUBE developed the cornerstone of Coupon Cents’ brand identity: its logo, which uses an illustration of the company’s owner (who could also be any woman) to capture the company’s personality. Once the logo was completed, CUBE used it in designs for letterhead and envelopes, a business card, and brochure cover.

results: booking more presentations

Coupon Cents’ owner is thrilled with her new brand identity, and even more excited that she’s booking more presentations with organizations. She is also happy that her new business cards allow her to provide contact information to potential clients quickly and in a more professional manner than she could before.

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