case study: pouches by peanut - logo, illustration & brand identity

pouches by peanut


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challenge: convey brand identity on a hangtag

An artisan who makes handcrafted handbags needed a name and consistent identity for her bags. The catch was that it had to be conveyed fully on a hangtag no larger than a standard playing card.

solution: think small and reflect both artisan and art

First, CUBE created the company’s name: Pouches by Peanut. Peanut was the artisan’s childhood nickname, and Pouches perfectly describe the uncontructed designer bags she makes. Then CUBE developed a logo: it was based on peanut, conveyed the look of her handbags, and incorporated the artisan’s green eyes and blonde hair.

result: positive customer response

The artisan is happy, because people are commenting on her hangtags. An added bonus: the artsy look of the hangtag supports the price of the bags.

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